Mrs. Jennifer, Mrs. Lisa, Mrs. Kilgore, and Mrs. Bolin held a Thanksgiving Celebration day with their first grade classes.  The week leading up to the celebration, the classes completed Thanksgiving-themed lessons in class.    The Thanksgiving Celebration day consisted of different stations as culminating activities for the thematic study.  The students made butter, drank apple cider, planted corn, ground corn with a stone, felt arrow heads and a bow, and petted a chicken.  They also made masks, painted with feathers, molded clay, and made leaf rubbings.   In addition, they created bracelets with each bead representing a different part of the journey of the pilgrims as they came to America.  They studied a map of the route the Mayflower took and played games the pilgrim and Native American children played.  Lastly, the students had their picture taken as a keepsake for the celebration.  It was a fun way for the students to learn about Thanksgiving and the history of the United States.